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Our Vision

Renewable energy sources are not enough on their own. The sun doesn't always shine. The sky is not always clear. We aim to make products which work with renewable energy sources to create a complete renewable system.

Our Method

Our devices create a complete energy solution to use renewable sources when they are available, and fall back to the grid or fossil sources when required. We are tackling the challenges through several stages.

Our first products focus on using solar for more than just electricity. The SunHopper™-D device uses a dedicated array of solar PV panels along with an optional grid connection to retrofit to existing electric water heaters. These devices are a large consumption of domestic energy and are an effective thermal battery. The thermal energy storage is a renewable energy "battery" to effectively store energy for later use.

Our Team


Mitch Hodges

President, Co-founder

Experience from mobile, two prior startups in IoT and smart home control, and now in the renewable space.


Chris Szot

Vice-President, Co-founder

Experience from automotive, mobile, and smart home control.

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MP Consulting

Partnership with an experienced team of Mechanical, Electrical, and firmware engineers.

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Hockerton Housing Project

Partnership with a sustainability organization with a practical set of sustainable homes, consulting services.