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Our Technology

Our designs use the latest technology mixed with known and reliable components to create cutting edge devices.

Our design philosophy builds our products up to our specification. Our devices are optimized in performance with a cost trade-off during our design phase. This ensures we have a highly competitive product at very low costs for the end user.

Latest Components

Silicon Wafer

At GreenPWR, we use the latest generation of technology for our hardware. This includes our use of wide band-gap semiconductors in our devices to ensure our product is efficient, robust, and overall size is kept to a minimum.

From our high power devices down to smaller support circuitry and microcontrollers, we carefully select each device to accomplish the end-goals of the product.

Advanced Software

Code on screen

Device software is carefully designed and constructed. Extra care is taken with installation to ensure the system is setup and running as efficiently as possible.

Advanced features are implemented to make the system work as efficiently as possible. We keep these requirements as simple as possible to yield a very impactful feature while not over-complicating the system.

Installation Flexibility

Off-grid cabin

Our devices are designed to support many installation possibilities. In terms of backup energy sources, we support various possibilities between AC grid support to completely off-grid setups. This allows the most flexibility in the installation.

We integrate as many features as possible. This includes several safety items to minimize the total solution cost and additional devices which add on to installation steps.